Our Purpose:

Inside Edge Publishing is a service created to assist major textbook publishers in writing, editing, and designing those elements of a project that the publisher does not choose to do in house. Our goal is to produce high quality work in a manner that is both time and cost efficient.




What we can do for you:

One of the services we provide is expert correlation production. In the last seventeen years, we have designed and written a large number of correlations in various subject areas for major publishers. Subjects we cover include Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Music, ESL, Health, and Driver's Education.



Work done to exacting standards:

All our correlations are complete and camera-ready, leaving nothing for the publisher to do. Documents are typed, proofread, and laser printed at 1200 dpi, and all correlating is done by experienced editors. Upon request, we provide a title page, a table of contents, a choice of fonts for printing, and an electronic copy of the document. Please contact us for more information at:




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